29 November 1932, at about 6pm : Mr Voisin asks his children Fernande (15) and Albert (11) to go and fetch their sister Gilberte (13) at the nearby boarding school of the « Sœurs de la Doctrine chrétienne ». On their way they invite two friends, Andrée Degeimbre (14) and her sister Gilberte (9) to join them.

While Albert is knocking at the school door he looks around and sees the Holy Virgin walking above the railway bridge on the way to Rochefort.  With some surprise the girls look to the bridge and see the “Beautiful Lady” too. The porter, Sister Valeria, opens the door.

As the children tell her they have seen the Virgin, she refuses to believe them and calls all that “nonsense”.  Gilberte Voisin, coming from her class,  does not know what happens.  As she reaches the door she too sees the Virgin on the bridge.  With a lot of fear the children run home, nevertheless resolving to come back the next day.

On the next day, 30 November, the Blessed Virgin again appears on the bridge.  On 1st December she shows herself, disappears, appears again near the holly (currently the place of the altar) and then comes under a branch of the nearby hawthorn, near the garden gate.  There she will appear thirty times, until 3rd January.

She is wearing a long white dress with light blue shades.  On her head they can see a long white veil falling on her shoulders.  Thin light rays fuse from her head, forming a crown.  Her hands are joined and she smiles. From 29 December Our Blessed Lady seems to warn the children that her last visit is to come.  She opens her arms and shows a bright, golden heart on her chest.  Our Lady of Beauraing is therefore often called the Virgin with the golden heart.

Here are the words said by Our Lady to the children : On 2nd December, to the question of the children, “What are you expecting from us?”, she answers : “That you should always be brave”.  In the evening, in a new apparition she says “Is that true that you will always be brave?” On 8 December the children fall in ecstasy for about a quarter of an hour.   They will say “She was more beautiful than ever!” On 17 December, she says : “I want a chapel.” On 21 December the children ask her whom she is.  The answer is :  “I am the Immaculate Virgin.” To another question on 23 December : “Why are you coming here?”, she answers : “In order that people come here on pilgrimage”.

From 30 December Our Blessed Lady delivers the core of her message : 30th : “Pray, pray a lot!” 1st January : “Always pray!” 3rd January : “I shall convert sinners”. “I am the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven”. “Do you love my Son? Do you love me? Then sacrifice yourself for me. Farewell!”. She also gives the three yougest children a special secret.

Two healings in Beauraing were acknowledged as miraculous.  The cult of Our Lady of Beauraing was allowed on 2nd February 1943 and Msgr Charue, Bishop of Namur, recognised the reality of the apparitions on 2nd July 1949. The five children are now dead. The yougest, Gilberte Degeimbre, is dead on 10 february 2015. She gives us her testimony in a video of 47 minutes, subtitled in english. A lot of pilgrims come now to pray the Virgen with a golden heart.