The Pro Maria ASBL, who directs the Sanctuaries of Beauraing, calls upon your generosity

On December 17th, 1932, the Virgin Mary asked for a chapel at Beauraing.  In answer to her request, the votive chapel built in 1954 was consecrated.  In 1968, other areas, necessary for welcoming numerous pilgrims, are finished.  One of them, the superior church, was raised to the rank of basilica in 2013.  In the course of time, infrastructures have been constructed in order to welcome better the tens of thousands of pilgrims that go each year there where Our Lady of the Golden Heart said that one come here on pilgrimage.

To finance the upkeep of all the construction, heating, lighting, and, the activities there lived out, we are in large need of your generosity.  Without you, it’s impossible!

The Pro Maria ASBL (non-profit association of Belgian right) oversees the functioning and upkeep of the Sanctuaries of Beauraing:

  • Basilica
  • Rosary Crypt
  • Saint John Crypt
  • Votive chapel
  • Garden of apparitions
  • Rectory
  • Gift shop
  • Museum

  • Info point
  • Picnic spot
  • Audiovisual room
  •  personnel for upkeep and other


She does not have at hand any aid of public authorities.  Therefore the ASBL must face alone the number of upkeeps and renovations. 



The renovations of the basilica and the awnings in the garden of the apparitions have been particularly costly.  Each year, the personnel and energy fees are heavy on the balance of payments. 

Lately, there was need to have much work done in the votive chapel:

  • Electricity and heating renovations
  • Roof renovations
  • Repoint of exterior walls

Other work is necessary.


A new renovation project for the apparition’s garden has been launched in order to give the garden chosen by Mary its “garden” feature.  This renovation will be expensive and we ask for financial donations.


You may contribute directly by filling out the following donations form:



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Other various means are possible to help us

  • You may, in clicking on the same button given above, make a direct donation via credit card.
  • You may send us money via a bank transfer on the following ASBL Pro Maria accounts:
    • BE79 2500 0583 4233
    • BE28 7320 0592 3620
  • You may think of us when you write your will.
    • The “legs duo” technique allows bequeathing part of your inheritance to an association without reducing that bequeathed to your loved ones. Speak about it to your notary!