Activities for individuals

  • Movie on the apparitions
  • Explanation of the message
  • Daily Masses
  • Sacrament of reconciliation
  • Golden Heart Routes
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Rosary
  • Prayer intentions drop off
  • Discovery of art works
  • Marian museum visit
  • Buy souvenirs at the Pro Maria gift shop

Individual persons are usually content to begin their visit with the discovery of the account of the apparitions by the means of a 24, 47, or 52 minute film.  There are people at the Point I to welcome them.  Many also like to visit the places linked to the apparitions, the chapel, the basilica, the crypts…They willingly stop by the works of art, the relic of Saint John Paul II, the icon of Our Lady of Beauraing, the wall where the words spoken by Our Lady are engraved, and certainly in front of the hawthorn, where Mary appeared from November 29th 1932 until January 3rd 1933.

Often, individual pilgrims equally wish to partake in the celebration of the Eucharist.  They can partake in one of the masses of the Sanctuaries (at 10:30 am from Monday to Saturday and at 12:00 pm and 3:45 pm on Sundays) or they may go to the parish church where daily mass is celebrated at 5:45 pm.  Other numerous prayer times are also offered:  the rosary, adoration of the most Holy Sacrament, salutation, the hour of Divine Mercy, vespers.  They can be lived out with the faithful of the Sanctuaries who pray at different times of the day

Individual persons like to pray much for their families, their close ones.   Different possibilities are offered for this:   in the Votive Chapel an open book is available to add in it any prayer intentions; a letter may be mailed to the Virgin in front of the hawthorn and at this same place candles may be lit and burned confiding all prayer intentions to Her. Some priests of the Sanctuaries understand English.  They are available for confessions.

Numerous documents and objects may also be discovered at the Marian museum of the Sanctuaries, where hundreds of statues of the Virgin Mary are assembled along with clothes belonging to the children who saw Mary at Beauraing, there are also, photos of the time period of the apparitions and other interesting pieces. In the basilical, you will find an exhibition with more than 300 documents related to the apparitions of Beauraing.

Individuals are generally very happy to take back with them a souvenir of their pilgrimage at Beauraing:  A post card, a book, a statue, a CD, a DVD… All may be found in the Sanctuaries of Beauraing gift shop, “Pro Maria.”