A Unique Document

From November 29, 1932 until January 3rd, 1933, the Virgin Marya appaered 33 times to 5 children from Beauraing. Gilberte Degeimbre, the youngest, gives her 47 minutes testimony. Her profound and sympathetic testimony constitutes a unique document. It is illustrated with about 40 pictures of the time period and of today. There are family photos given to us by Gilberte. Gilberte explains to us what she experienced and how it impacted her. She was withness of one of the recognized marian apparitions by the church. A very beautifull document that has been viewed already 300.000 times on Youtube.

You are invited to come

Since 1933, millions of pilgrims come on pilgrimage to Beauraing and so respond to Mary’s request made under the hawthorn “comme here on pilgrimage”. A chapel was built, as well as other churches, one of which becoming basilica in 2013. Welcome!